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they need to visit Animal Planet’s Pets 101 section

As kids learn  about  animals, they also learn about habitats, food chains, and the environment.
While kids may want to learn about their favorite animals, p are nts and teachers can also introduce them to new animals.
When teaching kids  about  new animals, it helps to focus on a specific habitat or type of animal.
For example, kids may learn  all about  animals of the rainforest or all about desert animals.

Best Kids Websites features a large selection of websites full of animal facts

Many of  these  websites organize animals by category.
They also feature interesting articles, cool  videos , and interactive games designed to make learning about animals a lot of fun.
National  Geographic  Kids.

National Geographic Kids introduces children to animals

cultures and different countries through games and interactive activities.
Continue reading                Site          6       Vote                                                                                                                          Nam es of Animals, Babies and Groups – Enchanted Learning.
Enchanted Learning’s section  Nam es of Animals, Babies and Groups offers exactly what the title suggests.
A large chart contain mult ip le animals and their names.
Click on an animal’s  nam e to find a printable related to that animal.
Continue reading                Site          3       Vote                                                                                                                         National  Wildlife Federation  – Kids.

Learn all about wildlife through this resource from the National Wildlife Federation

View a sample of articles found in the federation’s  selection  of magazines such as Ranger Rick and Big Backyard.
Learn unique facts about animals and  find  crafts to create.
Continue reading                Site          3       Vote                                                                                                                          Animal Planet  – Pets 101.
If your children have pets or are  thinking about  getting a pet, they need to visit Animal Planet’s Pets 101 section.
Continue reading                Site          2       Vote                                                                                                                         Kids Planet.
Kids’ Planet, from Defenders of the Wild, uses games and other activities to help kids learn about animals, habitats and wildlife  conservation .
Continue reading                Site          1       Vote                                                                                                                          Animal Planet .
If you want to know the latest about the  animal kingdom  than Animal Planet is the perfect place to visit.
Featured here are games, quizzes, puzzles,  arcade games  and more.
You can also check out clips from Animal Planet programming and other information about animals.
Continue reading                Site          0       Vote                                                                                                                         Sheppard Software.

Sheppard Software features an entire section on animals

Continue reading                Site          0       Vote                                                                                                                         Rainforest Information for Kids – MongaBay.
Rhett has created a vast array of rainforest resources spurred by his own interest in nature as a child.
Continue reading                Site          0       Vote                                                                                                                         Animals of the World.
Chat, .

Play animal games and find pen pals through this adventurous site from KidsCom.com

Games are  Continue reading                Site          0       Vote                                                                                                                         All About Frogs – Frogland.
Frogland was created in 1995 after the creator, Dorota, realized there was not a lot of information about frogs online.
This is the website to visit if you love frogs.
Learn weird and true facts about frogs and toads, learn about caring for frogs and check out the frog of the month.
Continue reading                Site          0       Vote                                                                                                                                                                                                               All Content ©2012 Best Kids Websites.


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