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Just Export your prim object using the Collada format

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I was recently interviewed by on his highly informative and entertaining radio show “The Drax Files Radio Hour.” and hear me chat about , , , , and the role of community  development  in multiuser virtual world platforms.
Take care,.
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If you’re looking for a powerful system that allows you to easily change in-world surface images/textures, make live modifications and add customized web-links within your -based , .

Then you might be interested in a new product from ReactionGrid

It’s called ACES, and it’s now                    Imagine changing the image textures of storefronts, buildings, any surface at all in your Jibe world.
If you have any  quest ions, please feel free to email me at.
Take care,.
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The  (OSCC) is an  annual conference  that focuses on the developer and user community creating the.
Organized as a joint production by  and the , the virtual conference features two days of presentations, workshops, keynote sessions, .

And social events across diverse sectors of the OpenSimulator user base

, and I’m thrilled to be both attending and presenting again this year.
All the inworld venue tickets are sold out, but if you can still  and watch all the  presentations  live on.

“You Only Own what you can Carry: How to backup and move your content between Second Life

Openim and Unity”  In this hands-on workshop, I’ll be demonstrating exactly how to export your own user-created objects (both prim and mesh based) and move them between ,  and.
Attendees will watch my desktop via a live TeamViewer screenshare and follow along on their own using freely-available software.
Requirements: Inworld attendees should be using the  and have pre-installed both the  and the  No previous technical expertise required, just a willingness to learn.
I’ll also be a panelist later in the day on “” where I’ll be sharing my thoughts  about  DRM versus content licensing.
Take care,.
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The  is being held September 18-20 in Bethesda, Maryland.
This conference will assess a wide range of progressive ideas for the future of e-Learning, focusing on the idea of technology as a means to education rather than an end in itself.
The conference organizers have lined up a wonderful range of interdisciplinary speakers and are planning to attract a wide group of  heterogeneous  scholars and practitioners.
I’ll be attending the entire conference, and I’m honored to be giving the    Here’s what I’ll be talking about:    My goal will be to tell an interesting story with examples and demos of  technologies  that I think really leverage how our minds naturally embrace the world around us.
One such technology that I’m currently exploring and that you’ve probably never heard of are  Visit  to learn a lot more  about  Wiglets.
are autonomous, evolving, self-animated and self-motivated agents that can exist in both completely virtual and  augmented reality  environments.
They exist at a  wildly creative  intersection of artificial life, art and gaming.
And perhaps best of all, you can interact with them directly through touch and gestures.
Another topic of discussion will be the affordances of multiuser 3d virtual worlds, especially how one can reduce the barrier to entry for people interested in leveraging them for educational purposes.
has recently developed some new tools that integrate with the Unity3d-based  to provide on-the-fly content editing in a simple yet powerful way.  I’ll be giving a sneak preview during my presentation.
I’ll also be discussing and giving examples of innovative uses of commonly used virtual world technologies such as ,  and the.
If you plan on attending and would like to connect with me at the conference, please drop me a line on  or .  And if you’re looking to interact with the organizers and other attendees and speakers, be sure to       Take care,.
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On Monday April 7 at 6pm PDT I’ll be giving a Virtual Worlds Lecture in Second Life

My presentation is part of an ongoing series of talks hosted by the School of Library and Information Science at San Jose State University.
, and  Part of what I’ll be doing in addition to showing slides and speaking will be a live demo of some of the content import/export tools in the.
You’ll get so see how you can easily backup content you’ve created in Second Life or Opensim to your hard drive and how to get that content into other 3D platforms like  and.
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I’ll be attending these two upcoming conferences.
If you’re planning to attend either of them or if you just happen to be in town when they occur, please  if you’d like to meet up and chat about learning in virtual worlds.
The main aims of this conference are to increase our understanding of experiential learning in virtual worlds, both formal and informal, to share experiences and best practices, and to debate future possibilities for learning in virtual worlds.
For full details,           In my current position at  and my previous work at  and , I have explored the use of a wide range of gaming and virtual world platforms to augment education.
Today there are a number of very interesting virtual world technological trends involving specific gaming technologies like  as well as the growth of Open Source platforms such as.
My ongoing work involves finding the right match between educational goals and technological affordances as well as identifying key synergies when virtual world technologies are interwoven with existing social media and web-based educational content.
I’m particularly thrilled about this panel because I’ll be participating with  from the University of Arizona.

Bryan is a true pioneer in using virtual worlds for experiential learning

and he’s been working with virtual environments since his dissertation project in 1997 when he created a virtual simulation of Harlem, NY as it existed during the 1920s Jazz Age and Harlem Renaissance.
was one of the earliest full virtual reality environments created for use in the humanities and certainly one of the first for use in an African American literature course.

The project continues to grow and evolve as Bryan explores new virtual world platforms

This new conference will assess a wide range of progressive ideas for the future of e-Learning, focusing on the idea of technology as a means to education rather than an end in itself.
The conference organizers are lining up a wonderful range of interdisciplinary speakers and are planning to attract a wide group of heterogeneous scholars and practitioners.
For full details,     I’ll be  at this conference.
And if you’re looking to interact with the organizers and other attendees and speakers, be sure to.
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[Update: You also do this with the.
Just Export your prim object using the Collada format.
The most recent version of the  (version 1.8.1) adds a particularly interesting feature:    This means you can now take a prim-based object from within  or  and export it to your hard drive as a mesh object (either .obj or .dae file format).
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In  we’ve included an easy system that gives you the power to use  to create multiuser networked events.
This allows you create shared experiences between avatars using interactive and complex object animations.
Video:  Take care,  Chief Learning Officer.
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Here’s a short tutorial video that will show you how to create avatar sit locations on any object in your  world.
It’s a very powerful and flexible system where you simply drag and drop sit locations onto anything in your , allowing you to easily create collaborative meeting environments that encourage avatars to gather together in groups.
from  on.
You can also   Chief Learning Officer, ReactionGrid.
, ,                      , , , , , , , ,.
I’m eagerly awaiting my own developer version of the , which should arrive in about a month.
My plans are to immediately start working on how to best integrate it with  and Unity3d.
In particular, our newly released  has a built-in 1st-person perspective mode that is ideal for things like virtual reality headsets.
Needless to say, I was very excited to see the folks at iFixit posting a great    Perhaps we can also schedule a   Chief Learning Officer, ReactionGrid Inc.

ReactionGrid’s Lead Developer  is also getting an Oculus Rift dev kit

He’s pretty psyched about it, and we all expect amazing things from him.
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