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JQuery was developed by John Resig in the year 2006

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7 most popular  jQuery plugins/libraries for Website Development in 2019

March 31, 2019   , Javascript, jQuery, jQuery Plugins, , Plugins, ,        The web designing sector is becoming larger and  more efficient .
With the advent of new elements and technologies, the  service providers  are now capable of delivering the best websites to the business owners and other clients in no time.
Moreover, the designs have also become more versatile by using the specific plugins developed by  the community .
JQuery was  developed by  John Resig in the year 2006.
It took a brilliant turn when JQuery become a lot popular in the web  development  community.
The developers use jQuery Plugins  development  software to come up with a customized plugin version.    JQuery is the most popular plugin in the JavaScript Library that offers thousands of new and old options for the developers to install in their web designing concepts.
The idea has been taken to a new level where  the community  has contributed its part and made a unique platform where a web developer can create a customized plugin too with his knowledge and support.
The jQuery Plugins  application  development becomes important when a customized plugin is necessary for a client’s specific needs. Here are the best jQuery plugins you will find quite fascinating to use in the future-ready websites by the jQuery Plugins web application development services. Read more 6 Principles every web designers must followTop jQuery plugins to use.
Responsive, sortable, filterable and draggable grid layouts.
Developed by Niklas Ramo, Muuri is one of the best known jQuery plugins used by the developer community.
This plugin is at the top of the list because it is very convenient to use and make the website smoother.
The user interface of the website becomes a lot more convenient for the users too.
The grid allows you to position various items of the website in a hassle-free way.
The assorted sizes of the grid items will not be a constraint in designing the website.
The flexibility of this plugin makes the website more responsive and fit for all screens.
View demo2.
Tiny  plugin to display large data sets easilyClusterize is a brilliant jQuery plugin that can easily handle a huge amount of data on the screen without cluttering the surface of the webpage interface.
It was developed by Denis Lukov in such a way that a single table can easily display a set of data containing 500,000 entries in a row easily.
This is one of the smoothest scrolling interfaces in a tabular format that aids the developers to display a big pile of data without any hassle.
The modern website needs for businesses can be easily met with this excellent plugin.
Clusterize is one of the best prototypes a jQuery Plugins development company seeks to prepare its own customized plugin for a client.

View demoRead more 6 Essential tips for improving your web design.3

A lightweight, easy-to-use jQuery plugin for smooth scrolling to anchor targets and adding classes/callbacks to elements on scroll events.
AnchorScroll is an ultra-smooth interface with an aesthetic effect of scrolling will automatically retain the visitors for a longer span of time.
It offers the best bet for preparing a lightweight web interface for your website development venture.
The comfort of smooth scrolling added to a website will automatically increase viewer retention.
AnchorScroll is also a great plugin to offer a responsive design to the web pages of your site.
View demo4.
Easy-to-make, beautiful timelines.
Timeline is a typical plugin popularly used to prepare a website with a chronological essence.
When you have to display a set of chronological points, .

None other than Timeline can be the best option for you

This plugin interface comes with impeccable features you can use for functional and visual customization of the website interface.
Add a carousel element to your new website development for a new twist to stay ahead of the curve with Timeline.
CNN, Time, Mashable are the popular website that uses this plugin.
View demo5.
A beautiful library which deals with the problem of ugly cropped images.
The web design these days should be fabricated after giving a good thought as the users are now using different types of devices with a variety of screen resolutions.
This is where the website should appear in a perfect shape where the elements on the web page should align properly to give an aesthetic platform for the visitor.
Focuspoint is one such way to avail and provide custom jQuery Plugins development services to the clients.
Using this plugin will create an apt web page interface for the users to navigate in any device without any hassle.
The main motive behind using this plugin is to preserve focal points of the elements used in the layout whenever there is a distortion in the screen resolution.
View demo    6.
A simple jQuery image cropping plugin.
Cropper is considered to be the most efficient jQuery plugin to input images to your website design.
The plugin comes with a huge set of functions that a web developer can easily use to manipulate images and modify them as per the website requirement.
Cropper is favoured by the website developers worldwide because it offers an extremely flexible website interface that opens in any smart device screen without any unwanted distortions.
You will also discover excellent flexibilities to alter image data so as to make it fit into the new website concepts.
This is the ultimate plugin used by the jQuery Plugins company for a perfect mobile-responsive website development service.
The web development agencies often seek professional assistance from jQuery Plugins development companies to fabricate a plugin depending on the necessity.
View demo7.
Guide your users through a tour of your app.
Shepherd is a typical jQuery plugin that a web developer uses to create a perfect on-boarding experience for new users.
This plugin is specifically useful when a user is introduced to a new e-commerce platform.
The on-boarding experience will tell the new user what he has to do to register or shop step by step.

The name behind this unique plugin is HubSpot

This particular plugin is fabricated for online shop portals specifically to create an introduction platform for the new users.
The necessity of an on-boarding experience is necessary because the websites and online shops are becoming more complex every day.
A small orientation is necessary to create a splendid user experience later.
Shepherd is the ultimate plugin for this purpose that a business website offering products can use. View demoWhy use jQuery plugins?.
jQuery is an essential part of the responsive web design that needs to be incorporated in the online portals.
The jQuery Plugins application development services offered by the leading web development agencies can easily cope with the specific requirements of a business portal so that the user experience can be unique in all senses. Feel free to write your queries and suggestions down below in comments section.
Author Bio:This great article is contributed by Manan Ghadawala.
He is the founder of 21Twelve Interactive which is one of the best mobile app development company in India and the USA.
He is an idealistic leader with a lively management style and thrives raising the company’s growth with his talents.
He is an astounding business professional with astonishing knowledge and applies artful tactics to reach those imaginary skies for his clients.

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