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Airbnb and OLX have triumphed over the industry for a while

If you are an aspiring enterpriser who is dreaming to become the next giant like OLX or Airbnb, then this page is for you.
Read till the end to get all the know-hows of creating an  application  for e-hospitality and rental services.

How Much Will It Cost To Build a Marketplace App  Like OLX or Airbnb?

Be it an apartment, cottage or a villa in the countryside.

All you have to do is open a marketplace app like OLX or Airbnb

type in your location of interest, scroll down through the myriad of options and click on your convenient place and book it after choosing a payment mode.
It’s that easy.
Gone are those days when one would go scanning over the newspaper  classifieds  or seek references from their kith and kin.
These  applications  come to our rescue and make our lives easy and convenient.
Now you know, why these on demand  marketplace s are booming and encouraging entrepreneurs around the world to join this arena of business.
If you are an aspiring enterpriser who is dreaming to become the next giant like OLX or Airbnb, then this page is for you.
Read till the end to get all the know-hows of creating an  application  for e-hospitality and rental services.

Stats And Figures Of On-Demand  Marketplace App Like Airbnb or OLX

150 million.

Around 150 million people use Airbnb     2.9 million
There are around 2.9 million hosts and 6 million Airbnb listings     191 countries
Airbnb is active in around 81000 cities and 191 countries     31 million

In 2017, .

Airbnb was valued about 31 billion USD     94 countries
Around 94 countries use OLX     54% OLX users

54% of OLX users access it through the mobile app                     What Exactly Is An  Online Marke tplace App Like Airbnb And OLX ?.
Being the most popular application in the field of e- hospitality  and rental services, Airbnb and OLX have triumphed over the industry for a while.
This platform has changed the way people sell or buy apartments or any short-term  accommodations .
Due to its highly advanced, interactive, user-friendly and extremely easy-to-use features, the users can effortlessly resort to their accommodation needs through these  applications  These applications let its users reserve apartments, condos, or villas independently without the help of any travel agency.
All they have to do is:s    Register –  Login  or Sign up with the required details.
Fill in the information required to complete the profile.
Search- Type in the required location.
The app will provide the users with a list of places for accommodation.
User will select the perfect place that is comfortable and convenient for them.
Reserve-Using a convenient mode of payment, the user can book the chosen place.
What are the other popular on-demand marketplace applications and their business model ?.
By reshaping the face of the travel and tourism industry, these applications have been a head turner in terms popularity and productivity that it has gained.
Other prime players in this industry are Flipkey, Homeaway, Roomorama and Housetrip who are also leveraging the on-demand economy to another level.
These applications have three associates; Hosts, Guests and Admin The marketplace applications make revenue mainly through the following ways:    Charges 6-12% of Service fee from the travelers or guests.
Charges a 3% fee from the host after guests checkout.
advertising on site via ad sense.
Paid listings.

Do you want to build a marketplace  app like Airbnb?

Being a global technology service company, Artoon Solutions Pvt.
is immensely experienced in the field of mobile app development.
With our years of expertise, a marketplace app development would be nothing less than a cakewalk.

We can effortlessly build an Airbnb-like application in both iOS and Android platform

As discussed above, these kinds of applications have three major layers:s    Customer or guest.
Service provider or host.
Admin Panel.
Let’s take a look at the basic features that each layer can access                     Standard features and estimated cost of an on-demand marketplace  application.
Key Features Add-On Features          LogIn/SignUp.
Advanced Accomodation Search.
Calendar Integration.
Quick Booking.
Deals and Offers.
Service Provider.
List Accomodation/Service.
Manage Accommodation/Service.
Manage Experience.
Amenities/Skill Management.
Customer Reviews.
Admin Login.
User Management.
Service Provider Management.
Booking Management.
Payment System Management.
Tech Support.
Choose from multiple payment options.
Locality Map View.
Email/Text Booking Notification.
Social Media Sharing.
Customer Support Chat.
Service Provider App.
Booking Analysis.
Manage availability on calendar.
Push notification settings.
System Admin.
Rewards and Offer Management.
Dashboard Analytics.
Provide Customer Support.
Want to give your application a cutting edge ?.
Virtual reality incorporation for a 360°view.
We can let your users have a real feel of the place they are about to book with the 360-degree view using virtual reality technology.
One can visualize the whole place by just a few taps on their mobile screens.
This technology can make your application more reliable.
Customers can gain trust and confidence in your business as well.
Voice command integration.
Rental marketplace application development with this technology can let your users to book their favorite rooms by asking Alexa, Siri, Google assistant or Cortona to do it on their behalf.
By integrating voice commands, our Alexa skill developers or Google home developers can give your application a leading-edge.
Chatbots incorporation.
Online marketplace application development with Chatbots can let your users experience a completely new level of customer engagement.
The chatbots built by our chatbots developers will make your application more user-friendly and pave way for more sales and revenue.
Technology Stack We Use To Develop.
Expert team for your marketplace app  development.
Finding the perfect squad for your required application development is not easy.

Wondering who all should you hire for a mobile application development like Airbnb or OLX

Read on:  A Project Manager and a Business Analyst.
A UI/UX Designers.
A Native Android Developer.
A Native iOS Developer.
A Backend Developers.
A Quality Assurance Member.
How is Artoon Solutions Pvt.
Looking for reasons to hire our team.
We will give you plenty.
Years of extensive hands-on experience in mobile applications development.
Immense knowledge in deploying marketplace application in iOS and Android platform.
Reasonable charges for app cost estimation.
Stop scouting out for the ideal marketplace app builder anymore.
As you have found us.
Let’s Team up         FAQs.
How do such projects make revenue.
A Marketplace mobile application monetizes through:   Membership fees.
Per transaction share.
Featured vendor.
Google Adword registration.
Affiliate integration.
What is the best mode of payment for a marketplace app.
We can integrate payment gateways that are accepted in your region.
Like in India, PayTM is the most prominent payment system.
Stripe and Paypal are widely accepted for a global marketplace.
Is it really necessary to build a mobile application for my marketplace.
These days almost everyone has a Smartphone.
People are using Smartphones for anything and everything in their daily lives.
Statistics show that a mobile app can increase the business revenue by 20-60%.
So we do recommend you to build an app for your marketplace.
Is it required to build separate apps for the guests and hosts.
This application comprises of two important layers i.e.
guest or buyer and host or seller.
Downloading separate apps for each user is not advisable.
So we can incorporate both the profiles in a single app.
User can log in to the buyer app or the seller app from the homepage based on their requirements.
Should I have a refund policy for my marketplace.
Keeping a refund policy for purchases in regards to e-hospitality and rental services is not advisable.
Yet again, the decision is all yours.
[email protected]       Location.
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